Our 2018 Exhibition Schedule //

Here’s a look at what we’re doing in our galleries…

October 6-25

Opening October 13

Main // Guerneville, organized by Ross Simonini + Gerasimos Floratos

Annex // Secret Language: Carol Newborg

Storefront // Three Paintings By Tre’von Silva

Backroom // Robots: Saul Alegria

November 3-21

Opening November 10

Main // It’s Complicated, organized by Kathleen King

Annex // Some Like It Darker: Janell Moon

Storefront// Exquisite Corpse: Creative Growth x Creativity Explored x NIAD Art Center

Backroom// Dreams Of The Precariat: Kathleen King

December 1-27

Opening December 8

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized By Laurie Reid

Annex // Amelia Opie!

Storefront// Holiday Lounge 7

Backroom// Holiday Lounge 7