Shapeshifting Superheavies, Organized By Jessica Snow • Merge Visible: Lisa Rock • Fiction • Heather Copus at NIAD Art Center Through March 31 //

Making a painting is a process of moving from a sea of instability to an island of stability.

The shifting nature of pigments from wet to dry, and the gradual building up and changing nature of the surface suggests a gradual harnessing of the elements into a completed painting. The process of its making is at once transitory and rooted in material, in flux yet solid. The artists Jessica Snow has chosen for ‘Superheavy’ create paintings that feel at once solid in materiality and yet have the freedom and lightness of an ephemeral element, never quite graspable. The qualities of such paintings push on the outer limits of the mind, in the same way that the superheavy elements push on the outer limits of the periodic table.

Included in the exhibition are works by Leo Bersamina, Lisa Blevens, Eddie Braught, Francesca Pastine, Peter F. Gross, Peter Harris, Demi Petroupolos, Shantae Robinson, Gina Werfel, Prajakti Jayavant, Anya Spielman, and Christian Vassell. A catalog, with essay by Scott Hewicker, will accompany the exhibition. This is the first show Jessica Snow has organized at NIAD Art Center.

View the exhibition catalog.

Merge Visible: Lisa Rock

The title of Lisa Rock’s solo exhibition Merge Visible, references the action in Photoshop software when all layers flatten as a final step to create a single image. The works in her show explore formal issues (like color and pattern) through painting on canvas and silk while examining the tension created when trying to reproduce by hand an image initially produced digitally. Think of them as as a kind of trompe l’oiel for the information age. Rock’s pieces develop as digital collages that inform how the physical paintings will be built. This is Lisa Rock’s first solo exhibition at NIAD Art Center.


Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us) . v2

Last year, artist Jeffrey Cortland Jones invited 200 artists from 16 countries to create art able to be printed on a standard sheet of paper. The resulting social experiment has been exhibited at numerous galleries around the globe. We’re delighted to show it to you and to tell you that Heather Copus has work in it. Perviously, Jeffrey Jones was the subject of two solo exhibitions at NIAD. This is the first exhibition at the Art Center organized by him.

Heather Copus

Recently, Copus has begun to make card-table size drawings loaded down with text. The text, seemingly random upon first glance, usually refers to something about her favorite band KISS. And the text is created by rubbing aging sets of Letraset lettering onto the paper, giving the pieces the feel of being created when the band was in their heyday. This is Heather Copus’ second solo exhibition at the Art Center.

Opening Reception March 11 with live music from Post Bop Praise

image : Anya Spielman, ‘Blow’ oil on canvas 40 x 40″ unique 2016