At SHRINE: This Is A Show By Billy, Recent Works From Billy White Through August 2, 2020//

It is a strange thing when an art exhibition shifts focus, not because of an artist’s or curator’s vision, but instead as the result of unexpected movement in the world around us. Billy White’s second solo show with SHRINE was postponed for several months following the outbreak of Covid-19, and now as the show is installed and finally set to launch, it has taken on more poignant meanings and a sense of urgency in light of the recent calls to action by the Black Lives Matter movement and subsequent massive worldwide protests following the murder of George Floyd.

When I (writes gallerist Scott Ogden) recently asked Billy White, who is an African American self-taught artist, what he would like to title his exhibition, he quickly beamed back, “Tell them this is a show by Billy, and I’m alive!” In White’s mind, art shows are for artists who are no longer living, like Vincent Van Gogh, who White has identified with deeply ever since suffering traumatic brain injuries following a childhood accident. He feels they both have endured and conquered adversity during their lives.

This exhibition will be by appointment only until Phase 2 of re-openings begins in NYC. Face coverings must be worn by all visitors to the gallery and all gallery employees. Contact SHRINE for an appointment.