Saul Alegria, Heather Edgar, And Susan Wise at The Left Field Gallery Through February 26 //

Left Field Gallery is pleased to announce 21, a group exhibition curated by Los Angeles-based artist Ben Sanders, featuring work from three NIAD Art Center artists.

As the 21st exhibition at Left Field Gallery, 21 is a coming of age celebration for a small gallery that has been home to an ever-widening range of work from across the globe, despite being hours away from Los Angeles.

21 showcases the work of artists from around the world, including several artists with disabilities, a group which too often inhabits its own “outsider” art world instead of being equally integrated into a broader conversation. The work ranges in style from Sterling Allen’s pristine minimal sculptures to Mark Delong’s frenzied cardboard constructions. An entire spectrum of representation is explored in Paige Moon’s highly detailed renderings of her family and friends, in Mark Williams’ flattened symbolic forms, and in Gretta Johnson’s material-centric shapes that evoke mysterious concrete objects. Take a few steps back, and notice how the density of content blurs into pure pattern in Rachel Stern’s photographs, Michael Swaney’s gouache paintings, and Wilbert Brent’s obsessively dense drawings.

All in all, 21 is meant to be nothing more than a feast for your eyes and trigger curiosity in the minds of those who celebrate making and looking at things. The work in this show is as diverse as the artists who made it, from well-established artists, to people who are unknown, people with disabilities, people who work as designers and illustrators, people who run galleries, people who teach, and people who work nine-to-five jobs. They are all connected by the fact that they spend at least part of their lives making beautiful things, and it’s time that these things be together in one room for a little while.

Now through February 26