Our 2017 Exhibition Schedule //

Here’s a look at what we’re doing in our galleries…

July 7-28, 2017

Main // Lisa Hammond x Felicia Griffin  

Annex // Selections from “Love the One You’re With”: Isadora Kosofsky

Storefront// King Crimson And Other Imposters By Sacha Eckes

Backroom// Jonathan Valdivias

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Billy White


August 4-25, 2017

Opening Reception August 12

Main // Julie MacDonald

Annex // Seemingly Happy: Erin Wheeler

Storefront// The Free Bookstore

Backroom// Nick Wilkinson

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Untitled group exhibition, organized by Jon Shibata


September 1-29, 2017

Opening Reception September 9 with DJ set from Tim Buckwalter

Main// Virgins, organized by Micah Wood   

Annex // Rachel Cohen solo exhibition

Storefront// Shana Harper solo exhibition

Backroom// I See (More) Clowns: Jim Winters solo exhibition

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Sara Malpass solo exhibition


October 6-27, 2017

Opening Reception October 14

Main and Backroom // Language of Line, organized by Susan Alexander. With works from Mark Bulwinkle, Luis Estrada, Sam Gant, Adam Grippo, Paul Moshammer, Art Moura, Tony Pedemonte, Kevin Randolph and Dorrie Reid.

Annex // Michael Macfeat solo exhibition

Storefront// Carlos Fernandez solo exhibition

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Eddie Braught solo exhibition


November 3-24, 2017

Opening Reception November 11 with DJ set from Tim Buckwalter

Main // Untitled group exhibition, organized by Cliff Hengst and Scott Hewicker

Annex // Anne Beck solo exhibition

Storefront // TBD

Backroom// TBD

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Erika Martinez solo exhibition


December 1-29, 2017

Opening Reception December 9

Main // Untitled group exhibition, organized Gina Borg

Annex // Catherine Haley Epstein solo exhibition

Storefront// Holiday Lounge

Backroom// Holiday Lounge

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // TBD


And here’s what you missed…


January 6-27, 2017

Main Gallery // Creature Feature, organized by John Casey. With works from Saul Alegria, Jeremy Burleson, Heather Copus, Julio Del Rio, Adonia Douglas, Jon Fukui, Aisha Ivery, Erika Martinez, Ann Meade, Marlon Mullen, Dorothy Porter, Dorrie Reid, Alice Sampson, Danny Thach, Jonathan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, Lisa Blevens, Jonathan Velazquez, and Billy White.           

Annex Space // Joey Enos solo exhibition

Storefront // Sara Malpass solo exhibition

Backroom // Raquel Charles solo exhibition

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Deatra Colbert solo exhibition    


February 3-24, 2017          

Main // Igneous Intrusions, organized by Jon Shibata. With works from Eddie Braught, Phyllis Carr, Maria Dalisay, Arista Dawson, Adonia Douglas, Luis Estrada, Felicia Griffin, Willie Harris, Adrienne Olmedo, Tony Pedemonte, Demetri Petroupolos, Dorrie Reid, Shantae Robinson, Alice Sampson, Bubba Trieber, Jonathan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, Billy White, and Matthew Wilson.                        

Annex // Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo solo exhibition

Store // Collographs, group show

Backroom // Collographs, group show

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Fiction v.2


March 3-28, 2017

Main // Superheavy, organized by Jessica Snow. With works from Lisa Blevens, Eddie Braught, Bruno Fazzolari, Peter Gross, Peter Harris, Prajakti Jayavant, Francesca Pastine, Shantae Robinson, Steve Roden, Anya Spielman, and Gina Werfel. A catalog, with essay by Scott Hewicker, accompanied the exhibition.            

Annex // Lisa Rock solo exhibition

Store // Heather Copus solo exhibition

Backroom // Fiction v.2, group show

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Collographs


April 7-28, 2017

Main and Backroom // Marlon Mullen, organized by John Zurier                       

Annex // Kim Miskowicz solo exhibition

Storefront // Sylvia Fragoso solo exhibition

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Jonathan Valdivias solo exhibition


May 5-26, 2017

Main // Word Play, organized by Kate Klingbeil. With works from Dorrie Reid, Julio Del Rio,

Ann Meade, Susan Wise, and Dre’An Cox.              

Annex // Em Kettner solo exhibition

Storefront// Handbill, group show

Backroom// Jesus Salas solo exhibition

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Billy White solo exhibition


June 2-30, 2017

Main & Backroom // The Fourth Dimension, organized by Marja van der Loo. With works from Jeremy Burleson, Phyllis Carr, Arista Dawson, Miguel Chacon, Heather Copus, Deatra Colbert, Luis Estrada, Darlene Farr, Felicia Griffin, Shana Harper, Peter Harris, Willie Harris, James Heartsill, Sara Malpass, Karen May, Ann Meade, Adrienne Olmedo, Shantae Robinson, Alice Sampson, Jonathan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, and Jonathan Velazquez.

Annex // Medieval Modern: Micke Tong

Storefront // Yuka Kobayashi

Yali’s Café Stanley Hall // Billy White