Our 2018 Exhibition Schedule //

Here’s a look at what we’re doing in our galleries…

January 5-27, 2018

Main Gallery // Indeterminate Spaces, organized by Anthony Piñata

Annex // Know Before You Go: Kim Miskowicz

Backroom // The Small World of Scott MacLeod

Storefront // Bjorn Dimitriou

February 2-23

Opening Reception February 3

Main Gallery // Quest: A Collection, organized by Rhea Fontaine

Annex + Storefront // Remembrance of Things Past: San Quentin Prison Arts Project

Backroom // I WORK WHILE YOU SLEEP: Jim Christensen

March 2-30

Opening Reception March 10

Main // Can Did, organized by Julio Rodriguez

Annex // Visual Poems: Clare Olivares

Backroom // Seen Your Show II: Denison University Art Students

Storefront // My Favorite Things: Carlos Fernandez

March exhibitions are generously supported by Jack Higgins

April 7-26

                        Opening April 14                       

Main // Woven. Mixed, Tied And Attached: Fiber As Message, organized by Ramekon O’Arwisters

Annex // Carlo Abruzzesse

Storefront // Looking Inward

Backroom // Weather Reports: Luis Estrada

May 5-24

Opening May 12    

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized by Em Kettner    

Annex + Storefront // Selections Curtis Turner Collection

Backroom // Reinventing History

June 2-28

Opening June 9   

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized by Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh

Annex // Emily Gui

Storefront // TBA

Backroom // TBA

July 7-26

Opening July 14    

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized by Lexa Walsh           

Annex // TBA

Storefront// TBA

Backroom// TBA

August 4-23

Opening August 11

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized by Margaret Tedesco

Annex // Andrew Luck

Storefront// TBA

Backroom// Constanza Blondet

September 1-27

Opening September 8

Main// Untitled Exhibition, organized By Susan Alexander

Annex // Dan Bortz

Storefront// TBA

Backroom// TBA

October 6-25

Opening October 13

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized by Ross Simonini + Gerasimos Floratos

Annex // Carol Newborg

Storefront // TBA

Backroom // TBA

November 3-21

Opening November 10

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized by Kathleen King

Annex // Kathleen King

Storefront// TBA

Backroom// TBA

December 1-27

Opening December 8

Main // Untitled Exhibition, organized By Laurie Reid

Annex // TBA

Storefront// Holiday Lounge 7

Backroom// Holiday Lounge 7