Online Event: Thirsty Thursday with Anthony Grant and Matthew Langley On October 1//

Please join us on October 3 at 6:00 pm PST for the second version of our new Thirsty Thursdays.

In October 2019, Anthony Grant organized “Ether Here Nor There,” a massive group exhibition exploring the connection between Internet tropes and visual images and objects from NIAD artists and himself in our Main Gallery. A year later, Grant is back with “Another Fine Message,” a group show focused on politics in this election year.

As Grant explains, ”The title is based on the oft uttered phrase in the classic comedy of Laurel and Hardy. I have an affinity for word play and in this case the title is actually a warning sign. Potentially, we are on the brink of another four years of very fine people (on both sides ?) making more of a mess of the American psyche. Each piece from NIAD artists and New York artist Matthew Langley was selected based on my interpretation of what they mean possibly today and how they compliment or speak with my own work.”

Hosted by NIAD’s Director of Exhibitions Tim Buckwalter, Thirsty Thursday is our new event series bringing together artists and curators with interested people like you. Our guest speakers will drop some knowledge on how they selected the show, ideas about the art work in the show, and quite possibly show and discuss their own work. Also participating in the discussion may be a NIAD artists whose work is featured in the show. All of us will learn a lot.

Admission is free, and we’d love to have you, but you need to register online to receive the link and password.