The Language of Line, organized by Susan Alexander • Painting And How It Got That Way: Michael Macfeat • Peter Harris x Eddie Braught at NIAD Art Center through October 27 //

All art mediums start with a line and result in a finished creation.

The eight artists in “Language of Line” place an emphasis on line as a starting point and then continue with a poetic narrative in each of their different mediums. Paul Moshammer uses watercolor, collage and paper mache. Adam Grippo marks with pen, pencil, board and paper. Art Moura creates with fabric and found objects. Tony Pedemonte uses recycled material. Dorrie Reid uses foam and cardboard. Luis Estrada makes massive drawings with charcoal. Marlon Mullen works with paint.

Susan Alexander is an independent curator working in the Bay Area. She has a specific focus on Art Brut and Outsider Art. Susan was a pivotal co-curator for the symposium on Outsider Art “Altered States, Alternate Worlds” with Creative Growth and the Oakland Museum of California and curated “Color Magicians” at College of Marin. Since 2012, Alexander has maintained an online gallery. This is the first exhibition she organized at NIAD Art Center.

Painting And How It Got That Way: Michael Macfeat

In 1987, Philadelphia artist Michael Macfeat abandoned painting. For the next ten years or so, he concentrated on sculpture ultimately abandoning it at the end of the decade. Twenty-five years later, he has returned to painting with a show of force. Combining newspaper clippings from the 70s with taut — yet obviously handmade – minimalist grids of vibrant color, the works reference the past while also being very much in the moment. We’re delighted and honored to Macfeat’s recent work.

Although he has generously donated work to NIAD’s benefit exhibitions and been in a group exhibition at NIAD, this is Michael Macfeat’s first solo exhibition at the Art Center.

A graduate of Philadelphia College of Art, Macfeat was a founding member of the art collective MEAT. Through numerous exhibitions, beginning in the early 80s, the group was a seminal influence on his city’s independent art scene. Later as a member of The Heretical Society, he became an impassioned and outspoken adversary of the renowned Philadelphia Mural Project. Macfeat has shown his work locally and nationally. His sculptures were seen in last year’s group exhibition “Circa 1995,” curated by Sid Sachs at the Rosenwald/Wolf Gallery.

Peter Harris x Eddie Braught

Eddie Braught’s new abstract paintings have the look and feel of Fruit Stripe gum or like something from the past. Peter Harris’ new paintings feature words or phrases as negative space. They look great together.

This is the seventh group show for Peter Harris at NIAD and the fifth group exhibition at the Art Center for Eddie Braught.