At NIAD: Another Fine Mess Age: Anthony Grant X NIAD Through October 16//

In October 2019, Grant organized “Ether Here Nor There,” a massive group exhibition exploring the connection between Internet tropes and visual images and objects from NIAD artists and himself in our Main Gallery. A year later, Grant is back with “Another Fine Message,” a group show focused on politics in this election year.

As Grant explains, ”The title is based on the oft uttered phrase in the classic comedy of Laurel and Hardy. I have an affinity for word play and in this case the title is actually a warning sign. Potentially, we are on the brink of another four years of very fine people (on both sides ?) making more of a mess of the American psyche. Each piece from NIAD artists and Matthew Langley was selected based on my interpretation of what they mean possibly today and how they compliment or speak with my own work.”

Included in the exhibition are works from Stephanie Welch, Dre’An Cox, Matthew Langley and a new wall painting by Grant. Also, embedded within the exhibition will be a QR scan code that will offer voting information to viewers.

NIAD Windows offers sidewalk and street side opportunities to view the exhibitions you’ve come to expect in our on-site galleries. The entire NIAD Windows exhibition will be available to be viewed online (link forthcoming). Alternatively, all pieces may be viewed and purchased online. The online exhibition will feature work from Dre’An Cox, Raven Harper, Sara Malpass, Karen May, Jesus Salas, Jonathan Valdivias, Matthew Wilson as well as bonus works from Matthew Langley.

In his day-to-day work life, Anthony Grant creates commercial design work for the masses. He spends his days crafting UI for applications, web pages, and digital advertising. While his professional work strives for perfection and or “solutions” in the commercial sense, his personal art-work aims to be disruptive, while drawing on the familiar, it uses specific visual cues and symbols often found in mobile devices or advertising to question identity, cultural norms or expectations. In Grant’s assemblages, the viewer is meant to question the meaning of the piece, and the meaning of the cultural icons and symbols Anthony has appropriated. Grant has exhibited at NIAD, Themes + Projects Gallery, Madrone Art Bar, Art Explosion, The Compound Gallery, Streamline Cafe & Gallery, Propaganda (a traveling exhibit of politically themed art). 

Thirsty Thursday

In conjunction with this exhibition, on October 1 at 6:00 pm PST, Anthony Grant will host a Thirsty Thursday to discuss the exhibition and his work. Grant will be joined by New York artist Matthew Langley and a NIAD artist.

Moderated by NIAD’s Director of Exhibitions Tim Buckwalter, Thirsty Thursday is our new event series bringing together artists and curators with interested people like you. Our guest speakers will drop some knowledge on how they selected the show, ideas about the art work in the show, and quite possibly show and discuss their own work. Also participating in the discussion may be a NIAD artists whose work is featured in the show. All of us will learn a lot.

Thirsty Thursday is free to attend, but you must register to receive the link and passcode.

Our Sponsor

This NIAD Windows exhibition is generously supported by Jack Higgins.

Upcoming NIAD Windows

For our fourth edition of NIAD Windows, the law firm of Fenwick + West is in our curatorial spotlight. Every October for more than five years, Fenwick + West has chosen and hosted an exhibition of NIAD art in their offices. This year, the show will be online with highlighted selection in NIAD Windows. The exhibition will be on view October 23 through November 13. Thirsty Thursday is slated for October 29 at 6:00 pm PST.

“Another Fine Mess Age: Anthony Grant X NIAD” is on view September 25 through October 16, 2020 at NIAD Art Center’s NIAD Windows, 551 23rd Street in Richmond. The exhibition is on view all day, every day.