Guerneville, Organized By Gerasimos Floratos And Ross Simonini • Secret Language: Carol Newborg • Robots: Saul Alegria • Three Paintings From Tre’von Silva At NIAD Art Center Through October 25 //

Artists Gerasimos Floratos and Ross Simonini are friends. They both enjoy painting and drawing. As a matter of fact, Gerasimos and Ross spend a lot of time doing it and looking at it, especially the work coming out of NIAD. Ross grew up in Northern California and one day Gerasimos came out to visit him in the Russian River, where he was living for the winter. They spent ten days driving around the area, and arrived at NIAD, where Ross and Gerasimos combed through the archives for five hours until they arrived at some of their favorite works from the studio. Afterwards, they ended the day with a nice trip to the Albany Bulb. 

The group exhibition “Guerneville” — featuring work from Mireya Bentances, Jeremy Burleson, Miguel Chacon, Janay Futch, Raven Harper, Marlon Mullen, Dorrie Reid, and Billy White – is a bit like a time capsule of their visit to the Art Center. This is the first exhibition organized by Gerasimos Floratos and Ross Simonini at NIAD Art Center.

Gerasimos Floratos is artist living and working in New York City.

Ross Simonini is an artist, writer, and musician living in New York City and Northern California.

Secret Language: Carol Newborg

Sometimes Albany-based artists Carol Newborg will glimpse some writing or hear part of a conversation, and doesn’t get a sense of the whole. The words can be like clues, but can also seem like abstract symbols of an unknown language. Secret Language, an exhibition of more than a dozen wall-objects, is a visual representation of that sense of partially heard whispers or conversations. There’s a feeling of mystery, amusement and also disconnection.

The pieces are crafted using a highly unusual technique. Carol learned the idea of making forms by layering hand-cut paper board and then shaping it with drywall mud from some of the incarcerated artists she work with at the San Quentin Arts in Corrections studio.

This is the first solo exhibition of Carol Newborg’s work at NIAD Art Center.

Carol Newborg has created installations for over 30 years. She received an MFA from UC Berkeley in 1981 and is deeply involved in Arts in Corrections as a teacher, program manager and exhibit organizer, currently with the San Quentin Prison Arts Project. She taught at Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA Extension and multiple community arts programs. Many of her early installations were sanctuary spaces, while more recent installations were about freedom, symbolized by many hand-cut paper birds. Carol has exhibited her work nationally and in Mexico. Exhibits included the De Young as part of an artist-in-residency, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, curated exhibits in the East Bay, and the Tides Foundation. She also received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, among other awards and artist residencies.

Robots: Saul Alegria

You might know Saul Alegria for his minimalist paintings of animals. Or for his ceramic objects based on real or imagined video game icons. But, you‘ve probably not seen his recent quartet of robot drawings.

NIAD artist Saul Alegria has shown his work nationally at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago and Left Field Gallery in San Luis Obispo. This is Alegria’s second solo exhibition at Art Center.

Three Paintings From Tre’von Silva

Tre’von Silva has only been creating at NIAD for a brief time, but, man-oh-man, are his abstract paintings terrific. We’re delighted to show a recent trio of his works.

This is Tre’von’s first solo exhibition at NIAD Art Center.