The Fourth Dimension, organized by Marja Galpin van der Loo • Medieval Modern: Micke Tong • Yuka Kobayashi at NIAD Art Center through June 30 //

Using their medium in unconventional and experimental ways, 23 NIAD artists — past and present — have produced works that push the boundaries of textiles, clay, and works on paper.

Manipulating the material in unexpected ways allows the viewer to experience their own physicality differently in relation to the created space.

While the majority of the works in “The Fourth Dimension” are abstractions, they are unique in their meticulous attention to detail and the intricacies of their medium. Each thread is carefully chosen, a stitch purposely left noticeable within a composition, or a print distinctly creating a trompe l’oeil lace effect. The color field paintings of Willie Harris have the texture of a hand woven textile, while Shantae Robinson’s threaded compositions resemble paintings. Daring to move outside the traditional or expected, each work challenges viewers to image the in-between space the works inhabit.

Included in the exhibition are works from Jeremy Burleson, Phyllis Carr, Arista Dawson, Miguel Chacon, Heather Copus, Deatra Colbert, Luis Estrada, Darlene Farr, Felicia Griffin, Shana Harper, Peter Harris, Willie Harris, James Heartsill, Sara Malpass, Karen May, Ann Meade, Adrienne Olmedo, Shantae Robinson, Alice Sampson, Jonathan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, and Jonathan Velazquez.

Currently a curator for the San Jose Museum of Art, Marja Galpin van der Loo recently organized an exhibition featuring a new commission by San Francisco based artist Victor Cartagena in collaboration with the United Farm Workers Foundation. Marja has had the great fortune of working with many diverse groups, including artists with developmental disabilities in the Netherlands, Brazil, and most recently in San Francisco.

Medieval Modern: Micke Tong

Los Angeles artist Micke Tong’s “Medieval Modern” is a skewed mirror of the medieval era rebranded to suit contemporary culture. Using various media, including sculpture, textile, and photography in collaboration with celebrity photographer Eric Curtis, the exhibit will reference imagery and tales during the Fifth to the 15th Century.

“Medieval Modern” is site specific to NIAD’s Annex Space.  Tong has crafted a narrative reflecting the time that draws in viewers. On view will be objects such as King Arthur’s legendary sword “Excalibur,” draping iconic family-crest banners, a vibrant dungeon and beasts of burden all with a twist.

Micke H. Tong (b. 1973) works in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, digital, drawing, performance and installation. His work focuses on otherworldly historic manipulations.  Tong completed his BFA at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, in New Media in 2000. His work has been exhibited at galleries both nationally and internationally. More recently his series, “No Space, No Time”, has been shown at Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, and the Orange Country Center of Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, California. He lives in Los Angeles, California and is a resident artist at Keystone Art Space in the Lincoln Heights district.

Yuka Kobayashi

Yuka Kobayashi has only recently begun to create at NIAD. But, we love her work – drawings stuffed to overflowing with people, plants and hearts – and want to show you a selection of her latest pieces.