At NIAD : July Exhibitions//

The Young And The Restless

For the past few years, we’ve had a number of neurodiverse younger artists join NIAD’s art program. Focused in our studio, they’ve been honing their work. Several have created mature series of work and we’re delighted to welcome them to the gallery and show off what they have going on. Included in the group exhibition “The Young And The Restless” will be the repetitive text drawings of Serena Scott and the detailed prints of Halisi Noel-Johnson. Also on view will be the figurative works of Joseph Rux, Michael Nuñez, and Heather Hamann, as well as abstract pieces by Evelyn Davis.

Cutting In Between: Gabriella Willenz

Gabriella Willenz’s project-based practice engages with the interplay between the construction and representation of reality, the social-political structures in which people are both cultivated and subjugated, and the normalization of cultural binaries. We will be exhibiting two of her recent series. Exploring the implications of one country’s mandatory military service and the lack of distinction between soldier and civilian on the collective conscience and the formation of a home/homeland, “Urban Combat“ is a staged photoshoot within a functioning urban combat training facility in Israel. “If You Cut Me In Two My Inside Will Pour Out, Won’t Yours?” tracks — through form and material — the liminal space and permeable quality between the inner and outer, insider and outsider

Gabriella Willenz is a neurotypical multidisciplinary visual artist. She earned her BA in the Marc Rich Honors Program in the Humanities and the Arts at Tel Aviv University and her MFA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley, California. In 2018, she was a resident artist at Ox-Bow School of Art & Artists’ Residency, Saugatuck, Michigan, received the Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prize in Photo-Imaging from the University of California, Berkeley, and was a fellow at UC Berkeley’s Art Research Center. She has exhibited at the Chicago Art Book Fair; the Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley; the Reece Museum, Tennessee; Almacén Gallery, Jaffa, Israel; BAMPFA, Berkeley; and the California Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Sacramento, among others. Before shifting to visual art, she wrote and directed plays in Israel and New York City.

This is Gabriella Willenz’s first solo show at NIAD Art Center.

Versus: Jason Powell-Smith

NIAD artist Jason Powell-Smith has turned an eye to society’s competitive nature. All around us, everyday, people are competing, and we may not even notice it. Sure, athletes are the obvious reference – and Jason creates a number of text drawings noting this – but what about ethics – like “good versus evil” or “us versus them”? Powell-Smith wryly tackles many of the arenas in which our competitive nature battles. We will be hosting a selection of works on paper from his series in our Storefront space.

This is Jason Powell-Smith’s first solo show at NIAD Art Center.

Life Drawing: Carlos Asencio, Sam Kershnar and Rebecca Jantzen 

A few months ago, neurotypical artist and educator Kathleen Henderson ran a life-drawing workshop for our artists. In addition to offering timed poses by a model dressed as a professional wrestler, Henderson also supplied masks (think Halloween) to be sported by a model. The results were amazing and we were delighted to proffer  the masked model drawings of three NIAD artists – Carlos Asencio, Samantha Kershnar, and Rebecca Jantzen.

This is Rebecca Janzten and Samantha Kerhsnar’s second show at the Art Center and the first show at NIAD for Carlos Asencio.

“The Young And Restless,” “Gabriella Willenz,” “Versus,” and “Life Drawing” are on view July 6-25, 2019 at NIAD Art Center’s galleries, 551 23rd Street in Richmond. Opening reception is Saturday, July 13 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.