Lisa Hammon x Felicia Griffin • Selections From “Love the One You’re With”: Isadora Kosofsky • King Crimson And Other Imposters By Sacha Eckes • Jonathan Valdivias at NIAD Art Center from July 7-28 //

Lisa Hammon has been creating at NIAD for about a year and half. Felicia Griffin started at NIAD at age 22 in 1985.

There really is not relation between their work. Hammon is lyrical and figurative. Griffin is a lively abstraction.

But, their work – Hammon’s drawings of everyday objects and Griffin’s rhythmic paintings – looks great together. It’s as if their having a conversation.

Selections from “Love the One You’re With”: Isadora Kosofsky

Near Los Angeles, at the foot of the Saugus Mountains, is the Los Angeles Residential Community Ranch for developmentally disabled adults. Debbie and Barry, and Krysta and Nathaniel live in private rooms in communal homes. During the day, Debbie, Barry, Krysta and Nathaniel work together doing manual tasks designed to keep them mentally engaged. In a selection of amazing photographs Isadora Kosofsky documents their love and relationship.

King Crimson And Other Imposters By Sacha Eckes

Belgian artist Sacha Eckes continues the tradition of detournements – a collaging and re-envisioning device created by The Situationists more than fifty years ago – with even more glee than her predecessors. Reworking art exhibition ads, Eckes creates over-heated tableaus that frequently reference her life and art in hilarious ways.

Jonathan Valdivias

NIAD’s Jonathan Valdivias turns a jaundiced eye to art history. Or should we say a jiggly eye to it? A perfect accompaniment to Eckes’ wacky detournements, Valdivias has attached those staples of modern craft – plastic googly eyes – to artworld masterpieces.

Opening reception is Saturday, July 8 from 1-4 pm with live music from Convergence