Igneous Intrusions, Organized By Jon Shibata • Let’s Talk About It Together: Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo • Collograph at NIAD Art Center Through February 24 //

Igneous Intrusions celebrates the textures and tactile pleasures of paintings on canvas and other unframed surfaces. The exhibition features recent works plucked fresh from studio easels and archival works excavated from the darkened back rooms beyond the gallery walls, where rows and rows of shelved canvases, stacked sideways to reveal only names and catalog numbers on spines, have been pulled for re-examination. Whether it’s Billy White spinning visual narratives through his intuitive brushstrokery, Matthew Wilson courting and controlling chaos with graphite, eraser and ruler, or Phyllis Carr conjuring unexpected elegance amidst the chiseled fissures of her glazed ceramics, the artists’ raw, elemental energies will be on full display, a special immersive experience for those who enter the space. The walls will overflow with works from Eddie Braught, Phyllis Carr, Maria Dalisay, Arista Dawson, Adonia Douglas, Luis Estrada, Felicia Griffin, Willie Harris, Adrienne Olmedo, Tony Pedemonte, Demetri Petroupolos, Dorrie Reid, Shantae Robinson, Alice Sampson, Bubba Trieber, Jonathan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, Billy White, and Matthew Wilson.  This is the first exhibition organized at the Art Center by film and video archivist Jon Shibata.

Let’s Talk About It Together: Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

In Let’s Talk About It Together, Oakland artist Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo has chosen to share slices of her personal archive and the hope that by talking together, she can include others personal archives, too. There is a lot of text because there are a lot of stories that still need to get out in the world. There is color because we need as much color as we can get these days. There are a lot of voices honored in these works because those voices are not often honored. Her work talks about politics and skin color and the way we look at each other. Branfman’s work is about the foods that sustain us and whether we are willing to sit down and share them together. Over the course of the show, the artist will be collecting stories from the NIAD community and making them into art that will then be a part of the larger archive.


In the Fall of 2016, artist/designer/dj Bill Zindel showed a small selection of NIAD artists how to make a collograph. What is a collograph, you ask? A collograph refers to a collage of materials glued on to a “printing plate,” often a square of cardboard. When glue is dry, it is shellaced or varnished so that it can be painted with acrylics. Paper is then pressed on to the surface to produce a print. We’ll show you the lovely and often lyrical results from Karen May, Shantae Robinson, Shana Harper, and Jonathan Valdivias.

Opening Reception is February 11, 2017. DJ Horse will be playing love songs (since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner).