Forgotten Fragments Now On View


Ink, paint and clay are conventional art materials. They’re easy to acquire and put into immediate action with the right tools. Torn paper bags, outdated newspapers and scraps of bamboo require a bit more forethought, especially when creating sculpture.

NIAD artists have been recycling these types of materials into artwork for several months while working with instructor Ruben Guzman, who encouraged them to simply play with materials until something interesting happened. Forgotten Fragments will feature the results of their experimentation in show of abstract and figurative sculpture.

In addition to NIAD art, Forgotten Fragments also includes a project that was created during the city of Richmond’s Cinco de Mayo Festival on May 6. NIAD artists, staff and members of the community collaborated on a large cartoneria sculpture that pays homage to women and their role in society.

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  • A Greene

    Impressive, do you have pictures and information on the various pieces?