At NIAD : December Exhibitions//

Together, Organized By Laurie Reid

Together feels good. Together is a state of mutual interest and support, an opportunity to be seen and felt by another. In this show, six Bay Area and three Los Angeles artists have each chosen a NIAD artist whose practice feels inspiring to them. The exhibition, organized by Laurie Reid, will bring artists together here to honor and celebrate each other as individuals and as a community of creators. Together will feature one work by each participating artist.

Aidan Casey chose the work of Michael Nuñez. Pu Sung Cha selected Jon Fukui. Rema Ghuloum and Maysha Mohamedi picked Shantae Robinson. Colter Jacobsen elected Sara Malpass. Judit Navratil decided on James Heartsill. Andrea Ortiz-Galdamez favored Luis Estrada. Laura Rokas cast Vanessa Bravo and Deatra Colbert. Maryam Yousif embraced Jean McElvane.

Laurie Reid is an artist who lives in Berkeley. She sometimes teaches at the California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. She takes classes at the Richmond Art Center. Laurie is the mother of three sons. In addition to art making, Laurie enjoys talking to her dog, making food, growing plants, going on walks and going to movies with family and friends. She has fond memories of camping as a child in the forests and coastal campgrounds of Oregon.

This is the first exhibition at NIAD Art Center organized by Laurie Reid.

Amelia Opie

In Amelia Opie’s latest series of paintings she had a goal: to paint in her truest voice; being her most authentic dweeby-self. In order to achieve this, Opie been relying heavily on her filled-up sketch book. When she sketches, Opie doesn’t worry about drawing things well, or even if something is a great decision. Using the sketches as her guide, her paintings continue to explore worlds where animals, often bedecked in clothing and costumes, behave like humans. NIAD is delighted to be able to show Opie’s finished paintings as well as the preliminary sketches.

This is the third solo exhibition for Portland, Oregon-based artist Amelia Opie.

Holiday Lounge

The studio has been busy as elves creating loads of craft objects. So, once again we are filling the Storefront with seasonal items and unique gifts: quilts, coloring posters and books, baskets, monographs, wall hangings, tree ornaments, hats and scarves, ceramic animals and more. You’ll definitely find something you want to give and likely a few things you’ll want to keep.

This is the seventh annual version of the Holiday Lounge.

NIAD is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond California. The exhibitions are on view through December 27, 2018.