The Genre Leaps, Organized By Margaret Tedesco • Shade: Andrew Luck • Carlota Rodriguez At NIAD Art Center From August 4-23 //

“The Genre Leaps” brings together a group of artists whose work reflects…

A compelling mystery

A leap of faith

A rhetorical movement

A disguise

A correspondence

A temptation

A quantum theory

A display case

A collapse

A premise

A mixed bag

A sole custody

A theoretical question

A predicament of time

A lead story

A bouquet

A cracked verse

A suspension of disbelief

A description for something else

A cordoned-off hallway

A metaphorical flight

A close encounter

A single sound

A Blakean dichotomy

A way home

Organized by San Francisco artist and curator Margaret Tedesco, “The Genre Leap” features work from Sarah-Dawn Albani, Jeremy Burleson, Nicolaus Chaffin, Heather Copus, Luis Estrada, Sylvia Fragoso, Janay Futch, Aaron Harbour, Peter Harris, Tina Heringer, Genevieve Quick, Carlota Rodriguez, and Christian Vassell. On the occasion of “The Genre Leaps, Tedesco – in the tradition of 2nd floor projects – will produce an edition with artist and NIAD studio co-manager Pam Martin.

Margaret Tedesco has presented and collaborated with visual and performance artists, writers, choreographers, and filmmakers for more than twenty-five years. From 1999–2006, Tedesco was a curatorial member of the now historic New Langton Arts; and simultaneously cofounded Moving Target Series, a roaming venue in San Francisco. In 2007, 2nd floor projects an artist-run exhibition and publishing space was established and received the Southern Exposure Alternative Exposure Award. 2nd floor projects has participated in Printed Matter’s New York & Los Angeles Art Book Fairs, San Francisco Art Book Fairs, and Berlin Art Book Fairs. She has also been a contributor to SFMOMA’s Open Space, and Visual AIDS online exhibitions. As an artist, Tedesco has exhibited nationally and internationally.

This is the first exhibition Margaret Tedesco has organized at the Art Center.

Carlota Rodriguez

Carlota Rodriguez has only been creating art at NIAD for two years, but in that short time her drawings have become very exciting often referencing or adapting works from the art world canon. We will be showing a selection of about a half-dozen of her works on paper.

This is the first solo exhibition of Carlota Rodriguez’s work at NIAD.

Shade: Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck’s series of complex and meditative paintings depict both familiar and hallucinatory sightings, combining various techniques including acrylic painting, air-brush, stenciling, and power sanding. Referenced from the artist’s personal collection of photographs, each painting is individualized through a composite of these images, creating dissonance and harmony in divergent quantities. The foundation of these paintings is a progression from the artist’s previous body of work, exploring golden-hour light and the distortion of shadows atop geometric surfaces. This time around, for “Shade,” Luck has superimposed that found imagery with natural patterns, resulting in works that skews the viewer’s perception.

Andrew Luck was born in Santa Cruz, CA in 1990 and currently lives and works in New York City.  Andrew graduated with a BA in Printmaking from San Francisco State University in 2013. He then created “Stoops” and “House”—a series of acrylic paintings made while living in Oakland, inspired by the evening light’s shadow cast across structures. While working on the wooden “House” paintings, Luck apprenticed under Andrew Sweeney of Small Works SF. His work has been shown at Adobe Books, Guerrero Gallery, Athen B., and Good Mother.

This is Andrew Luck’s first solo exhibition at NIAD Art Center.

Opening Reception is Saturday, August 11 from 1:00-4:00 PM with a DJ set from Wayne Smith