At NIAD : October Exhibitions//

Ether Here Nor There, Before The Clocks Held Time, and FEAST are on view October 5-24, 2019 at NIAD Art Center’s galleries, 551 23rd Street in Richmond. Opening reception is Saturday, October 12 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Ether Here Nor There: Anthony Grant x NIAD

Ether Here Nor There is a collaborative exhibition between artist and graphic designer Anthony Grant and NIAD Art Center artists.

Grant’s work – often containing fragments from user interfaces, advertising iconography, cartoons, and text messages — poses the question, “where do our thoughts go once they are sent via text, posted to a comment thread, or uploaded to a social media platform?” Grant pulls words and or imagery from the ether to give these thoughts new life, new meaning, and a new perspective.

In curating Ether Here Nor There, Grant selected NIAD works that have a similar aesthetic. Combining NIAD pieces with his own in a shared space will extend the thoughts behind each piece as well as creating a conversation amongst all.

In his day-to-day work life, Anthony Grant creates commercial design work for the masses. He spends his days crafting web pages, banner ads, and print advertising. While his professional work strives for perfection and or “solutions” in the commercial sense, his personal art-work aims to be disruptive, while drawing on the familiar, it uses specific visual cues and symbols often found in advertising to question identity and cultural norms or expectations. In Grant’s assemblages, the viewer is meant to question the meaning of the piece, and the meaning of the cultural icons and symbols Anthony has appropriated. Grant has exhibited at Themes + Projects Gallery, Art Explosion, The Compound Gallery, Streamline Cafe & Gallery, Propaganda (a traveling exhibit of politically themed art), and Madrone Art Bar. 

This is the first exhibition Anthony Grant has organized at NIAD Art Center.

Before the Clocks Held Time: Lorrie Fink

Oakland painter Lorrie Fink uses the expressiveness of natural forms to investigate color and pattern. In her current series, she creates silhouetted shapes inspired by ferns encountered in wilderness areas and on the edges of her own backyard. Combining painterly brushwork with the graphic qualities of handcut stenciling, she builds layers of marks and glazes, resulting in unique patterns and biomorphic shapes. Ferns are among the most primitive botanical life forms, having thrived for millions of years by adapting to an ever-changing environment. Fink focuses her awareness of environmental concerns about sustainability and stewardship, while celebrating the beauty of our natural world.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows, nationally and around the San Francisco Bay Area, and is included in private collections throughout the United States

This is Lorrie Fink’s first solo show at NIAD Art Center.


NIAD’s prolific storyteller Heather Hamman invites you to dine at her miniature table where roasted chicken, pasta, carrots, and dozens of strawberries keep her royal fairy folk well fed. Heather writes and illustrates fantasy epics, and uses the ceramics studio to sculpt the environments, characters, and food featured in her fables. Over the past few months, Heather’s collection of clay dioramas and tiny meals as well as her drawings have grown to fill the storefront gallery, so please join us in celebrating this banquet of all things great and small. 

Hamman directed the installation of her first solo show at NIAD Art Center.