At NIAD : January Exhibitions//

Where They Want to Go, Organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler

“Where They Want to Go” brings together work that can be seen as pinning down memories of place with color and materials; of holding, if only abstractly, that day, that hour, that moment. The work celebrates the unanticipated outcomes, the unplanned and accidental, the building up of layers, the straight line veering off course, and the edges where lines and forms are un-centered and move where they want to go.

“In people’s homes, I am drawn to these same edges or spaces where you can see the owner of the space most clearly — where they’ve hung their pictures and then tacked up things in between, what lives on their bookshelf next to the books, what’s the view from the favorite chair,” explains exhibition organizer Erin Wheeler. “For me, memories of people are always connected with memories of objects, of furniture, of rooms, and of views from rooms. My mom is the olive green profile of Mt. Tamalpais against the sky; my dad is the dark oak floors and cream colored walls of the dining room.”

Included in the exhibition are works from Eddie Braught, Poppy Dodge, Slyvia Fragoso, Jackie Leishman, Peter Harris, Suzanne Long, Sara Malpass, Karen May, Julie McDonald, Melissa McGill, Eileen Noonan, Shantae Robinson, Elena Rossi, Esmerelda Silva, Jesus Salas, and Danny Thach.

This is the first exhibition organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler at NIAD.

Erin McCluskey Wheeler is a Richmond artist and teacher who works in mixed media and collage. Wheeler is represented by Jen Tough Gallery in Benicia and is the current artist in residence for the El Cerrito Recycling Center.

Jo Ann Biagini

Jo Ann Biagini’s inspiration for her work comes from an interest in the natural world and her love of books. In part because of her fear of the blank white page, she covers her paper with book pages, using them as a starting point for further development or, sometimes, obliteration. This process is continued with each layer of images or paint. Biagini invites viewers to experience a small part of a different and often surreal world.

This is Jo Ann Biagini’s first solo exhibition at NIAD Art Center.

Jo Ann Biagini was born in Oakland, California. She received a BA from UC Santa Cruz in art and an MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts in ceramics. She has had numerous shows at various venues including the SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery and Gray Loft Gallery in Oakland. Her work is included in the Alameda County Art Collection, the Stanford and Kaiser Hospitals collections, and the Artist in Embassies Collection in Djibouti, Africa. Biagini currently teaches at Creative Growth Art Center.

Other Worlds: Samantha Kershnar

Samantha Kershnar has only recently begun creating at NIAD Art Center. And in that time she’s begun an intriguing series of small ceramic dioramas. For Kershnar, the dioramas are imaginary slices of life.

This is the first solo exhibition of Samantha Kershnar at NIAD Art Center.

NIAD is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond California. The exhibitions are on view from January 5-29, 2019. Opening reception is Saturday, January 19 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm with a DJ set from Andy Cabic.