At NIAD : December Exhibitions //

“Fiberful,” “Terry Hoff,” and “Right Here, Right Now, Richmond” are on view December 7-26, 2019 at NIAD Art Center’s galleries, 551 23rd Street in Richmond. Opening reception is Saturday, December 14 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. At our Opening reception we will be offering a “Art For Your Nose: Make Your Own Air Freshener,” a free event. Thirsty Thursday is Thursday, December 26 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

Fiberful, Organized By Cynthia Ona Innis

Woven, sewn, stuffed, needled, felted, tangled and bound in thread: the artists included in Fiberful champion the use of fiber. Each thoroughly explores their subject using traditional and non-traditional methods within the medium, stitch by stitch. Boldly making use of textiles in their work, the choice of fiber is a necessity for these artists as they explore themes of identity, the human condition and their own personal narratives, thoroughly and with every thread. Included in the exhibition are works from Vanessa Bravo, Dre’An Cox, Lauren Davies, Darlene Farr, Carlos Fernandez, Sylvia Fragaso, Felicia Griffin, Kira Dominguez-Hultgren, Donzell Lewis, Masako Miki, Robb Putnam, Shantae Robinson, Esmerelda Silva, Danny Thach, Dana Weiser, and Susan Wise.

Cynthia Ona Innis is a visual artist, living and working in Berkeley, California. Innis received a BA from UC Berkeley and a MFA from Rutgers University.  Her paintings are included in the collections of the San Jose Museum of Art, Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive, Crocker Art Museum and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Among awards she has received are a James D. Phelan Award, a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and Residency, a Kala Fellowship and a Sustainable Arts Foundation Award. Innis is represented by Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles.

This is the first exhibition Cynthia has organized at NIAD Art Center.

Tippy Toes: Terry Hoff

Each of Terry Hoff’s unique canvases is constructed of laminated plywood and rubber, and often coated with epoxy resin. His abstracted forms often include discarded tape, fabric and plaster, resembling large rocks. Drawing from Hoff’s suburban upbringing, the works frequently mirror the textures of suburban track home ceiling textures. Combining a nostalgic and psychedelic aesthetic elevates Hoff’s notion of a visual language that lies somewhere in between past, present, and future. Or another way to look at Hoff’s recent work is explained by Terry, “Tiptoe towards new beginnings. Stand on tiptoes to see over obstacles. Put tiptoes in the ocean. Be tippy in your toes.”

Based in Pacifica, Terry Hoff has shown extensively throughout the Bay Area and nationally. Most recently he was the subject of a solo show at James Wright Gallery in Los Angeles.

This is Terry Hoff’s first solo show at NIAD Art Center.

Right Here, Right Now, Richmond

Right Here, Right Now, Richmond is a juried exhibition that looks at the excellent and risk-taking new work being made in our city. Featuring work in different media by artists who live and work in Richmond, this multi-venue exhibition will be shown in the Richmond Art Center’s Community Gallery and the project space at NIAD. The exhibition at NIAD runs through January 24, 2020 and the exhibition at the Richmond art Center runs from December 17, 2019 through March 6, 2020,

Located two blocks from NIAD, The Richmond Art Center’s mission is to be a catalyst in Richmond for learning and living through art.  Originated in 1936 when local artist Hazel Salmi — who worked for the WPA — traversed the streets of Richmond with a suitcase packed with art supplies, eager to teach art to anyone interested, the Art Center, continues to breathe life into Salmi’s original vision: That within every person lives an artist. Annually they teach thousands of students through classes taught by professional artists; onsite in six large studios, and off-site via partnerships with community organizations. The Art Center also mounts 14-16 rotating exhibitions yearly in their four gallery spaces, displaying the work of emerging and established Bay Area artists.

Art For Your Nose: Make Your Own Air Freshener

Portland artist Catherine Haley Epstein will set up a curious lab, in our studios, where all are invited to design their own scented and tree-shaped car freshener. Participants will decorate and scent unique hanging trees (the kind that hangs from your rear-view mirror). A delightful exercise in discovering new smells and an introduction to the powerful creative tool the olfactory is, everyone will choose from natural to surprising scents created just for NIAD

Yes, this workshop is free. All are welcome. Yes, this workshop will take place during the opening reception for our November exhibitions.

Catherine Haley Epstein is an artist, award-winning writer, designer and curator. In 2019 she published the book, Nose Dive | A Book for the Curious Seeking Creative Potential Through Their Noses. Since, 2012, she has written for the blog MindmarrowTemporary Art Review and Aromatica Poetica.

Her project On Forgetting—first installed in Portland, Oregon— started the journey to her researching and working with scent and writing this book. Catherine has exhibited her work globally, conducts workshops on the use of scent in creative practices, and advises companies on scent-related projects. 

Catherine has had one solo exhibition at NIAD, another is planned for 2020.

Thirsty Thursday

For this Thirsty Thursday, we’ll be hosting an open-bar (craft beer, spirits and amazing wines) with some snack sides. On hand will be organizer Cynthia Ona Innis as well as some of our artists. To set the mood, we’ll have a few choice records (but, definitely not holiday songs) spinning on the phonograph.

At 5:45 pm, Cynthia will give a walk-through of “Fiberful,” the amazing exhibition she’s organized in our Main Gallery. The exhibition is an in-depth look at the state of contemporary fiber art. You’ll learn a lot! Admission is free.

Our Sponsor

Thirsty Thursday and our Opening Receptions are sponsored in kind by GoldLine Brands – A Winery Group. We’re very grateful for their support.