At NIAD : Catherine Haley Epstein’s Art For Your Nose: Make Your Own Air Freshener Workshop//

December 14 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street in Richmond.

Portland artist Catherine Haley Epstein will set up a curious lab, in our studios, where all are invited to design their own scented and tree-shaped car freshener. Participants will decorate and scent unique hanging trees (the kind that hangs from your rear-view mirror). A delightful exercise in discovering new smells and an introduction to the powerful creative tool the olfactory is, everyone will choose from natural to surprising scents created just for NIAD.*

Catherine Haley Epstein is an artist, award-winning writer, designer and curator. In 2019 she published the book, Nose Dive | A Book for the Curious Seeking Creative Potential Through Their Noses. Since, 2012, she has written for the blog Mindmarrow, Temporary Art Review and Aromatica Poetica. Catherine has exhibited her work globally, conducts workshops on the use of scent in creative practices, and advises companies on scent-related projects. She has had one solo exhibition at NIAD, another is planned for 2020.

* Yes, this workshop is free. All are welcome. Yes, this workshop will take place during the opening reception for our December exhibitions. And of course, you may give this to your father as a Holiday gift.