At ACCI Gallery: The Art Of Resilience, With Work From Halisi Noel-Johnson, Raven Harper, Shana Harper, And Jason Powell-Smith, On View Through October 31//

From the Gallery press release: “ACCI Gallery presents eighteen local artists expressing a diversity of Black voices in the Bay Area art scene. We celebrate artists who have challenged, inspired, delighted and intrigued with their unique vision and skills—artists who tenaciously strive to be present and active in their communities.

The Bay Area is often romanticized as a region that inspires freedom, vision and inclusivity, however it’s always had its contradictions and challenges. A place in flux. Most recently, gentrification and COVID-19 restrictions have had a devastating effect on many creative spaces and artists. Over 18 shows meant to amplify Black voices (including this one) were canceled or postponed as we shuttered our galleries and museums to “ shelter-in-place.” Artists already struggling with exorbitant rent consider relocating to more forgiving regions. Nevertheless, we continue to make our own inventive varieties of “Good Trouble.” We find ways to support each other. We are resilient.”

Included in the exhibition are works from Halisi Noel-Johnson, Raven Harper, Shana Harper, and Jason Powell-Smith.