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Up Now // Absence of Deliberate Silence, Organized By Lacey Haslam, At NIAD Art Center Through July 25.

Absence of Deliberate Silence b1

July is going to be a noisy month, we’re offering four mostly musical shows “Absence of Deliberate Silence,” “Rock And Roll Over: The Work of Buck Shanty,” “Rock And Roll Over Again: The KISS Drawings Of Heather Copus” and “Algorithms: The Work Of Carlos Fernandez.” Seriously.

At Work: Tony Pedemonte

Tony Pedemonte works with an obsessive bent. When he’s drawings, he loads down the page with color to the point of collapse. Same thing goes when he’s working on sculpture, only he likes to wrap his structures to the point of collapse. And in the process he tends to sweep up any nearby art supplies […]

Spring Is Here!


                            We’ve got these blooming beauties by Beetle Blossom (Katie McCann) in the Storefront right now. They’re made of recycled maps, book pages and delicate papers…. and start at only $8. Welcome Spring!

Bubba In River City

Bubba 01

                      As far as we know, Beverly Trieber is the oldest working artist in the Golden State. He’s 92. In a few months, he’ll be 93. Sure, there are prolly a few weekend watercolorists that are older, but Bubba (yep, that’s his nickname) always puts […]

The NIAD Flag Project


For the last several weeks, we’ve had our first fiber artist-in-residence in the studio. Angie Wilson has been directing about a dozen artists in the philosophy and design of flags as well teaching embroidery. On a grey Thursday, we installed the first six completed pieces. They are from (l-r) Susan Wise, Sylvia Fragoso, Ray Brown, Julio […]

Spring Training


                                        “Spring Training,” which opens this Saturday, is organized by Quinn Nagle, one of our fantastic gallery interns (seen above, in front Pardo and Englin drawings). The exhibition is accompanied by a free chapbook, “Sports Talk,” […]

A Light That Never Goes Out


We’ve got our next show, “A Light That Never Goes Out,” installed in the main gallery. Here’s a quick snapshot of the show. Next up, we’re installing a special project, “Championship Vinyl,” in the gallery’s back room. Should be great. More details soon. In the meantime, click here to find out everything we have going […]

Fugettabout The Ides Of March


We’re cooking up a great time and some super shows for the third month of the year. Like our latest pop-up shop…

We’re Working With The New Clinic

Unknown 01

RotaCare Richmond Free Medical Clinic is fantastic.  It is staffed by a part-time site administrator and operated entirely by volunteers. They offer free medical care to those who are uninsured and underinsured. We are delighted and honored that they asked us for a long-term loan of some pieces from our archives for their walls. We pulled […]

Artist Spotlight: Karen May

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 8.51.30 AM

Slightly more than one hundred years ago, les Fauves awoke the French art world with their bold use of color and picture planes, even being accused of creating work that, according to critics, seemed like an “explosion in a paint factory.” With her carefully considered compositions, undisguised brushstrokes and high-keyed vibrant palette, NIAD Art Center’s […]