This Week’s Update From Our Executive Director//

“Y’all are doing a good job.” – Arstanda Billy White, NIAD Artist

Despite the clear discomforts of working at a distance from one another, this week it’s clear that we are getting used to this, even – thanks, Billy – good at it. 

NIAD’s Virtual Studio is operating from 9AM to 3PM, Monday – Friday. 

Individual artist outreach, four to six studio offerings daily, delivery of supplies and tech equipment, even dedicated tech support for each family: NIAD’s teams are working at full capacity, and it shows. 

How can I tell? 

NIAD’s artists approach us every day with feedback like Billy White’s contribution, above, to a survey on person-centeredness in programs like ours. 

Together, artists and staff continue to create new ways to work together online, like the two advocacy meetings I attend every week. 

These are the ways our artists keep us accountable – on Mondays, NIAD’s Self Advocates meet with me to develop voice around the external issues that affect our art center.

On Wednesdays, the Artists Advisory Committee meets with me to help determine internal decision-making that impacts NIAD artists. 

It’s never been more important – in fact, the voices of all of our community members matter now more than ever. 

While we don’t know what lies ahead in this moment of vast budget cuts to the disability system, we do know we need each other – and our voices – to move us to the other side. 

Support artists’ voices at NIAD by donating to our Mobile Art Fund – or advocate with us as we look toward a new funding year, starting in July. 

Want to get involved? Email me at

Yours in community,

Amanda Eicher, Executive Director