The Latest From Our Executive Director//

As NIAD contemplates keeping our community safe and connected during a longer-than-expected Shelter in Place, we are thrilled to be offering a reinvented Exhibitions program in our 23rd Street windows in Richmond.

Exhibitions are how our artists’ work finds its audience – when artists sell work, their careers as artists are confirmed, and as in most art galleries, we split all art sales 50/50 with artists. 

When you purchase art, online or in person, you directly support our artists and everything we do at NIAD. 

Our online exhibitions will continue every week. We are grateful for the support of audiences who continue to find artworks they love to add to their collections.

And, starting now, each month we will add new exhibitions to NIAD’s street side windows, selected by local artists, curators, and NIAD community members.

Exhibitions events will also be online: All shows in the NIAD Windows exhibition space will be viewable online. And Thirsty Thursdays, our evening get-togethers that feature curators and artists talking about our shows, will begin again. This time on Zoom.

Meanwhile, interested art audiences can now drive by, take a stroll past our windows, or get in touch with us directly to arrange for sales or more information on art and artists. 

Through our exhibitions program, NIAD spotlights the diverse voices of the cultural workers in our community, invites collaboration with new and continuing partners, and provides a platform for our artists’ work in conversation with NIAD’s network of contemporary artists. 

And we meet people. We simply can’t continue without the engagement and exchange that brings new and continuing supporters into our galleries, programs, and the lives of our artists as they continue to shape their careers.  

We hope we’ll see you (and you’ll see us) on 23rd Street,

Amanda Eicher
NIAD Art Center Executive Director