NIAD’s Summer Picnic 2012 (Photos)


Last week NIAD held it’s annual summer picnic at Miller Knox Regional Shoreline Park on the edge of San Francisco Bay. Each year the event is highly anticipated by our artists. Once again they enjoyed the scenic views, BBQ, playing games and slapstick performance by Buki the clown.

NIAD’s staff and the artists would like to thank Tom Nelson and the entire crew at West Coast Fab Inc for their generosity and time. This was the second year they’ve hosted our special day and we’re very grateful!

Enjoy the slideshow.


  • Donna Ivery

    Really outstanding pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

  • Heather

    Sigh. Great pictures. Looks like everybody had a great time. Too bad I couldn’t be there for it but I’m coming for the NIAD garden party! Miss you all very much. ^-^ -Heather

  • Heather Edgar

    Sigh. Really great pictures. Looks like everybody was having a great time. Too bad I couldn’t make it. But I’ll be coming to the garden party at NIAD. I love you all. -Heather