Online Exhibition : Personal Take, Selected by Adam Yokell//

“The subjects in Personal Take may be eclectic, but all are familiar. We see here a range of archetypes spanning superheroes, biblical scenes, robots, athletes, and dolls. Some works are named after historic artists or derived from iconic paintings. Others present imagery from childhood that remains embedded in our collective memory—a family of Bambi-esque deer by a lake, a lighthouse beneath a rainbow. Whether the reference is specific or general, no matter how simple or sophisticated the source material, the artist is always borrowing and translating. And each time the result is wholly their own.”

(Gallerist’s note: This past summer, I met Adam at the opening for Billy White’s solo show in New York.  And during that conversation, Adam generously invited a selection of NIAD artists to participate in Foundwork (Adam’s curatorial web project). The site is a great idea: a clearinghouse of sorts for curators to look at art. When you have a chance be sure to check it out. And a big thanks for Adam!)