Interesting Read: The Untold Story Behind The Other Confederate Flag//

For the past 150-some years, while the Confederate battle flag has monopolized attention with its corrosive symbolism and inflammatory bluster, a different, largely unknown Confederate flag — the Confederate Flag of Truce, which the South used in the process of surrendering to the North — has been quietly waiting for its moment in the spotlight. That moment is now.

Hoping to start a new conversation around the Civil War artifact, textile and social practice artist Sonya Clark has conceived a massive version of the Flag of Truce, measuring 15 by 30 feet — 10 times the size of the original flag.

In addition, she oversaw the weaving of 100 true-to-scale replicas of the Flag of Truce. These works are now on view as part of “Monumental Cloth, The Flag You Should Know,” new exhibition at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum…

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