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“How often can you walk into a fine art gallery and, if a piece “speaks” to you, pull it off the wall, pay an amount roughly equal to half your weekly grocery bill and take it home?

Two hours after you find your Rembrandt, Klee, or Cassatt, a masterpiece is hanging above your sofa.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is happening every day during “Affordable Art From the Heart,” an exhibit running through Dec. 28 at the NIAD Art Center (National Institute of Art and Disabilities) at 551 23rd St.

“All the work is on paper and priced between $15 and $150,” explains Gallery Director Tim Buckwalter. “Unlike the paintings that sell for $1,000, this is a great introduction to art. People can have it in their homes the same day they discover it.”

NIAD is all about discovery, with experienced, professional artists leading adults with developmental or physical disabilities through courses in ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and painting….

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