Generosity Transformed Our Garden


If you’ve had the opportunity to visit NIAD during work hours, then you surely know our studio is a bustling hub filled with enthusiasm. Somedays, it can even get a little noisy. Normally, this isn’t a big problem but some of our artists can get overwhelmed by the commotion.

For many years the antidote has always been our garden. It’s an inviting oasis and comfortable retreat during breaks and lunch time. It also provides fruit and vegetables for our artists’ cooking classes. Thanks to a very generous donor, the space has received a tremendous makeover.

We have new planting beds, soil, irrigation systems, plant materials, teak patio furniture, benches and hardscape. All of these changes resulted from the vision, energy and generosity of our supporter, Liliane Schneider. Liliane engaged the assistance of Andreas Flache, a landscape architect who advised on the underlying structure of the project and who was kind enough to donate his time to the effort.

Although we sorely missed having access to our old garden during the build, the work was done as quickly as possible and what we now have was certainly worth the wait. Some highlights include:

  • Pear and apple trees that are espaliered on the warm wall next to the building.
  • Hedges screen our view of the neighbors property and provide a much needed windbreak.
  • Aloe plants complete the gravel lined bed running alongside the building, providing spaces for additional displays of our ceramics and sculptures.
  • We now have additional raised beds for vegetables chosen by our artists, which require them to coordinate attention and care.
  • The courtyard has a new, easy-to-maintain ground surface.
  • Two new concrete benches flank the doors to the gallery, giving us a functional waiting spot for clients in the afternoon and welcoming visitors to the gallery and studio.

A few things still remain. The asphalt area needs resurfacing and we have concepts for several  redesigns, including the front gate, fence and a new structure to display art. We will realize those plans as quickly as we can.

For now, everyone has settled into the new space that Liliane has given us, and they’re eager to spend time there during meetings, breaks and lunch. Our new garden provides everyone at NIAD with a place of inspiration, serenity and quiet contemplation. Liliane intended to encourage the creation and display of all art forms and to involve our clients in the use and enjoyment of the garden. We think she has succeeded. What a gift!

Join us on Saturday, September 8th, to celebrate the revival of our garden during the reception for our latest exhibit Trading Placesfrom 2-5pm.

7 Comments on “Generosity Transformed Our Garden

  1. I find this gift to be overwhelmingly generous and extremely beautiful. It is transformative.

    As someone who worked as a volunteer at NIAD many years ago,I can appreciate the value of this gift on so many different levels.

    Thank you Liliane, for your amazing vision,support, and generosity. You are fantastic!

    Camille Zulpo

  2. What a beautiful and generous gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Thank you all!

  3. Beautiful garden, beautiful project for a cutting edge art program! I can’t wait to check it out…
    Enjoy and drink in the quiet inspiration…

  4. Such a beautiful garden! As a former client of NIAD I know how treasured this space has always been, and thanks to Liliane it has now realized its full potential. Wonderful! Thanks also to the others involved in making this happen for their important contributions, and thanks for the excellent article…it will be great to see the garden in person, but meanwhile the description and pictures really made it come alive.

  5. What a beautiful and functional space for NIAD’s artists, teachers, staff and visitors! I look forward to seeing the garden and visiting NIAD soon, it’s been a while 🙂

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