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The Photobooth At Win Win 2

One of the more popular things to do at Win Win 2, our annual NIAD Art Center Fundariser, is getting your photo snapped in our photobooth by our awesome gallery assistant Katie Johnson. Visitors get a hi-res jpeg of themselves with their new piece of art.

Here, have a look….

Behind The Scenes At Win Win 2

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Here’s a quick peek at the volunteers and staff who generously put in a huge effort before we opened the doors to our annual fundraiser, Win Win 2.

Thanks everyone for your help! Thanks everyone who came out and supported us with your ticket purchases.

Coming Soon: “Ebony + Ivory,” Organized By Katie Johnson, Opens May 2

Untitled, Kevin Randolph

Black and white is the new black. Well, maybe not, but they certainly look great together. With “Ebony + Ivory” we’ve rounded up a group of work that is just that. Okay, maybe a few pieces have another color tossed in, but you know what we’re talking about. Read More

One Day At NIAD, The Movie… Watch It Now

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 9.11.37 AM

Curious about how the studio works? Well, for Win Win, our annual fundraiser, we made a 90 minute silent documentary that captures a day of life at the Art Center. Read More

Our Katie Johnson, Volunteer Of The Year!


Guess who was just named Richmond Volunteer of The Year? Our gallery assistant Katie Johnson, that’s who!

Katie will be honored at City Hall next week. In the meantime, let’s give her a big round of applause. Thanks, Katie!

Here’s the details.