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Up Now // AAOE #44: “All Together Now,” Organized By Stephanie Wright Hession

pastel on paper 24 x 12" unique 2014

I first met journalist Stephanie Wright Hession a few years ago when she interviewed NIAD’s Jon Fukui. He loved the experience and her genuine interest in his work. And I loved that about her! So, we’re honored to have Stephanie on board as this week’s organizer.
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Coming Soon // Holiday Movie Magic on December 12, 3:00 – 5:00 PM

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Join American Documentary/POV and NIAD Art Center for a little “Holiday Movie Magic” with a free screening of Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman’s “Art And Craft.” Read More

AAOE #43: “Wonderart!,” Organized Andrew Roe

About the exhibition

My daughter wants to be an artist.  Since she’s only seven, this does fluctuate from time to time. Other passions and possible pursuits/occupations she’s considered over the years include veterinarian, zookeeper, soccer player, ice cream maker and writer (a kindly nod to her dad).

But artist has consistently been her top choice. She loves to draw and paint and sketch, exploring color and perspective and what is perhaps any artist’s greatest challenge: how to see and then translate and then render what we experience and feel in our daily worlds into the worlds that become our art.

I’m struck by the wonder, the purity of intent and vision that my daughter’s art displays. Increasingly, this is what I find myself looking for in all types of art by all types of artists. And it’s what struck me about the pieces I’ve selected for this exhibit—and it’s something that I strive for in my writing as well.

Here’s to Wonderart!



About the organizer

Andrew Roe is the author of The Miracle Girl. His fiction has appeared in Tin House, One Story, Glimmer Train, The Sun, and other publications. His essays and reviews have appeared in The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle,, Writer’s Digest, and elsewhere. He lives in Oceanside, California, with his wife and three children.


AAOE #42: “If There Is Magic, It Is In The Connections,” Organized David McCreath


About the exhibition

Connections come and go. Attached to those connections are meanings.  All marks can be interpreted and all marks can be art, but specific marks mean specific things. The trick is that those specific things can change with context. There’s context of proximity — if you place two collections of specific marks next to each other do those marks mean something different now? And there’s the context of perception — despite the best efforts of an artist to communicate a specific meaning, every person can only perceive those marks according to their own experience. The good news is that by juggling proximity and perception, you can create infinities of meaning. That’s magic.

Each piece in this show stands on its own merits. However, when looking at any set of objects, the human brain is going to strive to connect them. I had this in mind as I browsed through NIAD’s collection, and while I did some preliminary sorting based on obvious relationships, my end goal was selecting the best set of potential connections. I encourage the viewer to look at each piece, but also to think about what each piece means to them in relation to each other piece. Nothing in our world exists without context, and striving to understand the multiple contexts that any person or object exists in opens you to seeing the world in surprising new ways.


About the organizer

David McCreath lives in San Rafael, California. He’s the host of a podcast called It Might Get Personal where guests sing a favorite song then discuss the song and why it has special meaning for them. His band The Development writes simple songs about living in a complicated world. He works at a technology company called Slack, generally being as helpful as he can. A lifetime ago, he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


On View // “Shana Harper” At Yali’s Cafe In Stanley Hall On The UC Berkeley Campus


Yes, we’re delighted to announce the latest solo exhibition of Shana Harper! If you’re in the East Bay, or planning to be, you should definitely visit the show.

“Shana Harper” is a selection of more than a nine prints from the NIAD artist’s floral print portfolio. Also on view is Shana’s amazing printed-quilt. Read More