Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

November 13-December 23 // Reception November 21

Main  Deck The Walls 3: The Super Affordable Art Exhibition

Annex  The Greatest Hits of 2015

Storefront  Holiday Lounge 4

Backroom  Kiss My Grits: The Work of Alice Sampson


January 2016

Main and Backroom Group show organized by Anthony Pinata

Annex Anthony Pinata solo exhibition

Storefront Record Store Pop Up Shop


February 2016

Main Sylvia Fragoso solo exhibition

Annex TBA

Backroom New Kids On The Block: New NIAD artists

Storefront Jean McElvane solo exhibition


March + April 2016

Main Group Show organized by Robert Wuilfe

Annex  Tony Datillo solo exhibition

Backroom Erica Martinez solo exhibition

Storefront  Win Win 4 Preview


Mid-April 2016

Main gallery and annex and store Win Win 4 benefit exhibition


May 2016

Main Billy White solo exhibition

Annex Angela Baker solo exhibition

Backroom Raven Harper solo exhibition

Storefront Maurice Stradford Free Bookstore 4


June 2016

Main Elena Rossi solo exhibition

Annex Michelle Wilson solo exhibition

Backroom Arista Dawson

Storefront Diamonds In The Rough 3: NIAD’s Jewelry Program


July 2016

Main Group Show organized by Kathleen King

Annex Jeff Hantman solo exhibition

Backroom  Emanuel Diaz solo exhibition

Storefront Photo project from Katie Johnson


August 2016

Main Group Show organized by Justine Frischmann + Lisa Solomon

Annex TBA

Backroom Linda Stewart solo exhibition

Storefront Darlene Farr solo exhibition


September 2016

Main Group Show organized by Ramekon O’Arwisters

Annex Scott Hewicker solo exhibition

Backroom Jonathan Valdivias solo exhibition

Storefront Kristi Dean solo exhibition


October 2016

Main Karen May solo exhibition

Annex TBA

Backroom Sara Malpass solo exhibition

Storefront Saul Alegria solo exhibition


November + December 2016

Main Deck The Walls 4

Annex Adonia Douglas solo exhibition

Backroom The Greatest Hits of 2016

Storefront Holiday Lounge 5