Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions


March 4-24, 2016 // reception March 12

Main Variations On A Theme, organized by Robert Wuilfe

Annex Tyler James Hoare solo exhibition

Backroom Erica Martinez solo exhibition

Storefront  Matthew Wilson solo exhibition


April 1-22 2016 // reception  April 2

Main gallery Win Win 4 benefit exhibition preview

Annex Yosef Johnson

Storefront Jeffrey Cortland Jones

Backroom Danny Thach v. Keith Haring


May 6-27 2016 // reception May 7

Main TBA

Annex Angela Baker

Backroom Raven Harper

Storefront Amelia Opie


June 3-24 2016 // reception June 11

Main Group Show organized by Daniel Fuller

Annex Michelle Wilson

Backroom Emanuel Diaz

Storefront Jessica Codromac


July 1-29 2016 // reception July 9

Main Group Show organized by Kathleen King

Annex  Jeff Hantman solo exhibition

Backroom  Arista Dawson solo exhibition

Storefront Sara Malpass solo exhibition


August 5-26 2016 // reception August 13

Main Group Show organized by Justine Frischmann + Lisa Solomon

Annex Tony Dattilo solo exhibition

Backroom Linda Stewart solo exhibition

Storefront Darlene Farr solo exhibition


September 2-30 2016 // reception September 10

Main Group Show organized by Ramekon O’Arwisters

Annex Scott Hewicker solo exhibition

Backroom  Jonathan Valdivias solo exhibition

Storefront Shana Harper solo exhibition


October 7-28 2016 // reception October 8

Main Karen May solo exhibition

Annex  John Casey solo exhibition

Backroom Jeremy Burleson solo exhibition

Storefront Saul Alegria solo exhibition


November 10 – December 23 2016 // reception TBA

Main Deck The Walls 4

Annex Adonia Douglas solo exhibition

Backroom The Greatest Hits of 2016

Storefront Holiday Lounge 5