The Galleries

The Galleries

NIAD Art Center maintains three exhibition spaces.

The main gallery is our largest (at 1,000+ sq ft). It houses a new show about every eight weeks. Shows here are organized by NIAD or independent curators.

We also have the annex space, which is a two walled gallery hosting shows from mainstream artists that we want to introduce to our artists or to our visitors and community.

The Storefront is just that. The exhibition space that faces our sidewalk. The Storefront is home to our various pop-up shops (seasonal and/or themed), artist-led projects, and spotlight exhibitions.

All of our exhibition spaces are open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. But we’re closed most major holidays.

The opening receptions for our exhibitions take place Saturday afternoons. And you will know us by our parties… we love to have foodtrucks, live music and performance, the whole sha-bang. During the receptions, the studio space is open and often offers special works for sale.

Yes, we run the galleries similar to a commercial space, half of the sale goes to the artist and the remainder supports the Center.

For more info on what we have up or plan to have up or where else our artists are exhibiting, check out NIAD’s current and upcoming exhibition pages. You won’t regret it.